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Wind Ventilator
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Wind Driven Turbo Roof Ventilator:

Turbine Roof Vent is not an old concept for Indian industry. It runs on wind power and there is no operating cost because to run Turbine Roof Vent no electricity is required. Its economical and ecological. It can be fitted on industrial sheeting. Turbo Roof Vent is manufactured in Northern India by Anchit Ispat (P) Ltd, Faridabad. Its construction is strong and light in weight.

Roof Vent was first introduced in Northern part of India by Anchit Ispat (P) Ltd., Faridabad. It became a grand success with the industries being electricity saver item. It works on air power and no electricity is consumed. Roof Vent does not make any noise while running as it moves on pivot. Slight breeze is enough to rotate the Roof Vent.

Faridabad is now known for Roof Turbine as it is made by Anchit Ispat (P) ltd. In Faridabad. Roof turbine is liked by all the industries where there is generation of bad fumes as it exhausts them without consuming power. Roof Turbine saves energy which in today's world is the costliest raw material. It is easy to instll and can be fitted to any type of roofing.

Vane Wind Ventilator can be fitted in the factories, warehouses, workshops, industrial shed etc to extract foul smell, smoke etc to provide comfortable working atmosphere. Vane Wind Ventilator is the brain child of Anchit Ispat (P) Ltd, Faridabad. This company is manufacturing Vane Wind Ventilator for last 8/9 years and is the only company in Northern Region manufacturing Vane Wind Ventilator. It can be configured to meet fresh air changes.

Wind Ventilator

is the name of the mechanical equipment running on wind to provide fresh air in the industrial sheds without running cost. Wind Ventilator does not consume any power units and no power connection is required. Wind Ventilator is made by M/s. Anchit Ispat (P) Ltd in Faridabad which is the only unit making Wind Ventilators in Northern Part Of India. Wind Ventilator removes hot gases, obnoxious fumes and enhances ventilation.

Roof Turbine Ventilator is the name of the equipment which can be called Wind Ventilator or Turbine Ventilator also. It is fit and forget system and replaces exhaust Fan which consumes power. Roof Turbine Ventilator works on the principle of flywheel and ones it gets momentum it keeps on rotating. Roof Turbine Ventilator is innovative product produced by Anchit Ispat (P) Ltd, Faridabd under the brand name 'ANCHIT ECOVENT' and it is known for its quality.

Ventilation Makes Living Comfortable:
Ventilation is a perfect method to bring comfort in living by the simple method of replacing stale air with fresh and clean breeze. The highly efficient wind driven turbine ventilator is naturally powered by the wind and helps keeping the attic filled with fresh air.

Attic temperature depends on the amount of solar radiation and the rate of ventilation taking place. Temperature and moisture control are the major reasons for providing roof ventilation. Attic ventilation can be accomplished by turbine roof ventilation.
An effective turbo ventilator works on the principle of natural convection, that works to pull air into the attic from a low position commonly through vents.

Functioning of Turbine Air Ventilators:
The working of wind powered turbine ventilators is simple and for sure makes the air purified. Even the slightest breeze that touches the scientifically built ventilator blades, makes the turbine to rotate. This rotation gives rise to the centrifugal force which creates a vacuum inside the turbine. The partial vacuum is replaced by strong upward thwart of wind. This works for a perfect exhaust by wind driven ventilator.

Features of Turbine Ventilators:
Wind Ventilator  Works automatically and continuously.
Turbo Ventilator, Wind Powered Turbine Ventilators  Available in galvanized steel and aluminum.
Turbine Roof Air Ventilator, Turbo Ventilator  Smooth and Quite operation.
wind powered ventilator, wind turbine ventilators  Easy to install.
turbine air ventilator, Wind Driven Turbo Ventilators  Light weight.
Turbo Ventilator, Wind Driven Turbo Ventilators.  Innovative and definite design.

Turbo Ventilator, Wind Driven Turbo Ventilators.  Prevention of heat build-ups.
Turbine Roof Air Ventilator, Turbo Ventilator  Constant prevention from pollutants and dirt particles.
wind powered ventilator, wind turbine ventilators  Improves the efficiency of air conditioning.
turbine air ventilator, Wind Driven Turbo Ventilator  Fits all roof types.
Turbo Ventilator, Wind Ventilator  Removes trapped heat and moisture.

Ecovent - Wind Ventilator
Wind Ventilator

The Ecovent works by utilising the velocity energy of the wind to induce air flow by centrifugal action. The centrifugal force caused by the spinning vanes creates a region of low pressure area which draws and throws out hot air from below and fresh cool air from out side comes in. The slightest breeze will cause the turbine to spin and even after the breeze has stopped, the fly wheel affect of the rotor cage will use its stored energy to continuously remove air giving rise to ventilation. Suction is maintained even at low wind velocities.

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