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Roof Top Wind Extractor:

Roof Ventilators are used as Exhaust Fans in industries. These Roof Ventilators run without electric power and run on wind power. So industry has shown much interest in the item. Anchit Ispat (P) Ltd. is manufacturing these Roof Ventilators in Faridabad. Quality of this company is proven as company is in the line for last 9 years and successfully installed thousands of units in Northern India as this company is the only manufacturer of it in this region.

Stale air never gets exhausted by the openings from where the wind is blowing and entering your home premises. A poorly designed structure requires ventilation, as the building does not allows warm air to exhaust away from the house. Our wind driven extractor or roof top extractor are made to eliminate the trapped stale warm air and vapor to safeguard number of expensive electronic installations.

Roof ventilator is required to remove humidity, heat, smoke, dust and other irritants from the domestic surroundings. This housing ventilation system removes the trapped heat and other irritants that may cause unhealthy surroundings for living. To insure perfect living environment, a regular flow of fresh air is required. For keeping a consistent temperature it is necessary to pull out stale air before it damages household items.

The roof top extractor attracts fresh air from every side and direction of roof and channelizes it move towards the center. This pressure exertion pulls out the stale and bad odored air from the building. These roof extractors encompasses of turbine blades which rotates and helps in exhausting warm moist vapors developed in the house due to cooking, washing and bathing.

Wind Driven Extractor, Roof Ventilator.  Easy to handle and maintain.
Roof Top Extractor, Roof Extractor.  High capacity air extraction with superior quality.
Wind Driven Extractor, Roof Ventilator.  Functions even with low air speed.
Roof Top Extractor, Roof Extractor.  Pumps out bad fumes, warm air and vapor in all conditions.
Wind Driven Extractor, Roof Ventilator.  Made up of durable raw material.

Roof Top Extractor, Roof Extractor.  Promotes healthy lifestyle.
Wind Driven Extractor, Roof Ventilator.  Fixes annoying bad odors.
Roof Top Extractor, Roof Extractor.  Increases productivity.
Wind Driven Extractor, Roof Ventilator.  Increases life of attic and roofs.
Roof Top Extractor, Roof Extractor.  Runs without electricity.
Wind Driven Extractor, Roof Ventilator.  Uses renewable wind energy.

Roof Top Extractor, Roof Extractor.  Industries.
Wind Driven Extractor, Roof Ventilator.  Godowns and warehouses.
Roof Top Extractor, Roof Extractor.  Theaters and Community halls.
Wind Driven Extractor, Roof Ventilator.  Hospitals and schools.
Roof Top Extractor, Roof Extractor.  Factories.
Wind Driven Extractor, Roof Ventilator.  Auditoriums.
Roof Top Extractor, Roof Extractor.  Power houses and lift rooms.

Roof Ventilator
Roof Ventilator

The Ecovent works by utilising the velocity energy of the wing to induce air flow by centrifugal action. The centrifugal force caused by the spinning vanes creates a region of low pressure area which draws and throws out hot air from below and fresh cool air from out side comes in. The slightest breeze will cause the turbine to spin and even after the breeze has stopped, the fly wheel affect of the rotor cage will use its stored energy to continuously remove air giving rise to ventilation. Suction is maintained even at low wind velocities.

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